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Reactive Dog Class

This class is for dog/dog aggression (aggression towards dogs, not people). We will do at least one private lesson with you to determine if your dog is safe enough to join a group class or if more extensive private training is needed before we integrate the dog into a class.

This class in ONLY for VERY SERIOUS owners who are willing to work with their dogs. Training takes a lot of time and commitment on the owner's part. Bad behaviors have often been going on for months or years, so it requires time to get your dog to a stable or at least manageable place. This is not a socialization class per se. We will not be face to face. Our goal is to have them in close proximity without exploding or reacting negatively.

Most but NOT all dogs can be rehabilitated. A bad experience such as a dog attack on a dog that was not reactive before has a better chance of recovery. Bad breeding on the other hand, has to do with genetics. By all means, we do work with these dogs to try and help them, but there are no guaranties the dog will become stable. Sometimes the dog achieves maintenance at best—but that is a lot better than nothing. If you do nothing, you are almost guaranteed a future problem. If you do choose to train, you do need to have the tools to control your dog in an unpleasant situation.

This new class is open enrollment, so there will always be dogs coming in and out. This provides the dogs with exposure to new dogs all the time. Reactive dog class will be offered by fall of 2012. Keep checking the web site for times and locations. Meanwhile, we are available to work with you one on one to get you started.